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    I just bought the Ultiamte License yesterday and I am curretnly trying to download

    I just bought the Ultiamte License yesterday and I am curretnly trying to download, but the updater stops at any point, waits for about 10 minutes, then tells me that it timed out and then tries again after 10 seconds. This is not only insanely annoying. But this also takes FOREVER I started the download about 13 hours ago and its still not done because of that! I even turned off my firewall and tried starting as an admin, I changed settings and all. My license key is correct and my download rate is more than high enough. This is really annoying me and I'm moments away from unsubscribing and playing Roll20, cause that may not have as many features but it sure as hell doesn't take 13+ hours to load!
    I'm massively unsatisfied!

    Please tell me where the problem is or what i have to change!!!

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    Okay nevermind, I will cancel subscription now, Im done! Fix your stuff, a download should be possible without me having to change firewall and router settings!

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    The most likely reason is that your AV is interfering with the download; or possibly you have parental controls or flood protection set on your router.
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    When this has happened to me, it's always been my anti-virus interfering. But impatience is also a virtue I guess.
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