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    LFP Need 1 - 2 Players Tues/Thurs Night 6:30PM PST USA 5E -CLOSED-

    Slots are filled! Thanks folks for your interest!

    FG License: GM has Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (USA: GMT -8)
    Day of week and time: Tuesdays and/or Thursdays: Starting at 6:30PM
    If new game, planned start date: TBD
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly: 3 - 5hrs
    Term: Long-term

    Text or Voice: Voice Preferred
    Voice software used: Discord
    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50
    Number of Players in game & needed: Need 1 - 2 players
    Character starting level & equipment: TBD
    Character restrictions: D&D 5E Official Content

    Details of your scenario:

    Looking to run multiple modules long-term. (CoS, HotDQ, WDDH - DotMM, DiA)

    Tuesday Nights & Thursday Nights are separate games, willing to take 1 - 2 players for both games.

    LGBTQIA+ friendly

    PM me on Discord: Tormilind #6865
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    Thursdays nights i am interested, there a signup sheet?
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    No sign-up sheet! If you would like to PM me your discord info I can add you!

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    I'm interested in joining your game! PM sent with discord info.
    Discord - @Goldfsh#0001

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    Husband and I would be interested either Tuesday or Thursday works for both of us.

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