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    Hello, friends, I am new to Fantasy Grounds and need some help to understand an issue (or something wrong I've done). After create the sheets of my players and test the combat tracker, the AC values of the players are always 10, regardless of the enemy attack them. Everyone of the party has high ACs (the less level in group is 10) and payed attention to set all the defensive itens right. Even so, in party sheet, for example, it shows AC -6 for a character, but when this character is attacked, the text shows 10, as below.

    Attack [11] ->[ATTACK (M)] [at Azule Mhagynar] [Hit-AC: 2 vs. 10 ] [AC: 2 ] [HIT]

    Someone knows what can I do to fix this? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by celestian View Post
    Disable all extensions (including themes) and try again?
    Just tried... and just worked! Thank you so much, Celestian!

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