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    I anticipate releasing the latest ruleset update within the next couple weeks.

    One of the updates allows the ruleset to handle random durations for spell effects (see post #221). Updating the spell actions that populate when you drop a spell to the character sheet has been an enormous task. The randomness of spells in DCC is fun, but this has made me wonder if they went a little overboard

    I created a basic Spells tab for NPCs (see post #208), but I doubt this will be ready for the next update. Looking ahead to future updates, I have a few other features in mind... I really want to restructure class and skill records to incorporate level advancement data so custom classes don't sacrifice that functionality. It would also be cool if casting table results for spells were pulled directly from the spell description rather than relying on a database file. The dice chain CT effect mentioned above is another good one.

    I appreciate all the feedback. Don't forget about DCC Days next month!

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    That is great news. You are doing a wonderful job listening to and adapting the program to the needs of the users. I appreciate it.

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