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    After Updates, all dice in actions are deleted

    Hi guys,

    i have the problem, that, when i make an update (not every, but approximately every 3rd), all dice are deleted in the action tab. This concerns weapon-dmg, spell-dmg, effect-length and heals of every player.

    Does anybody have an idea, what i can do to prevent this?

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    I sadly do not know anything about that problem and I hope that someone sees your post who can say more than me. Do you have any extensions installed? So, does this also happen in a campaign without extensions?

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    What kind of update are you doing? Updating FG to a new version, updating a field in the PC record? A bit more info on what triggers he issue please.

    Also, what extensions are you running?

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    Oh, sorry

    I meant updating FG to a new version.

    The extensions i am running are:
    - Creature Gen
    - DOE: Alignment Graph
    - DOE: Base
    - DOE: Locations
    - DOE: OLE
    - DOE: Organisations
    - Theme: Wood

    The Problem was also there, before i used this extensions, so i guess, there are not the problem.

    Testing with a campaign without any extensions is difficult cause this problem appears very irregular. So, this test could last a couple of months

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    This issue has been sporadically reported. No cause has been identified. You should be able to get everything back by reverting to a back up session file.
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    Ok, this is a good tip, i will try it next time.
    I just put my hopes in unity All will be good.

    Thank you.

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