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    Port 1802 on an ASUS RT-AC68U

    I am stumped. I have everything set - as far as I can tell and still cannot get through the Router. I have AVAST Premier Firewall with port open. I had it working on another computer, but I am not certain what else to do. Any help most appreciated. FYI I can connect when on a hard line (RJ45).
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    Some further help in this thread here

    It would be useful if you could provide the answer to the questions.

    You say you had it working on another computer; I assume that you have deleted the PF rule for that computer since you can only port forward to one machine at a time. Have you also tried setting the internal port to 1802 as well? Also have you created a rule in Avast for fantasy grounds (I don't mean a rule for your port but an actual rule excepting FG from being scanned by Avast). Also is your network set to private.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fionavar View Post
    Any help most appreciated. FYI I can connect when on a hard line (RJ45).
    So, it works OK when you're using a wired connection for the computer, but not when the same computer is using WiFi?

    If so, what IP address does your computer have when on WiFi? And what IP address when it’s connected by the wired connection?

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    Everything is set accurately for WiFi - but does not work - will follow-up in other thread, but I have to admit this is rather frustrating.

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