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    LFDM 5 players, Thursdays/Sundays 9PM EST 5E only

    I have a group of 5 friends who are interested in trying out Fantasy Grounds and playing some 5E. I have about 6 months experience with FG but none of the others have any experience using it. I would be more than happy to assist the DM with helping the others learn FG as we go along.

    We would like to run some of the 5E modules (anything but Lost Mines of Phandelver). In fact I think it would be cool if a creative DM could run a larger campaign linking the 5E modules together with other content in between. Of course, if someone is willing to run a campaign for us, I'd be happy to discuss homebrew options as well.

    I have a few years of experience with 5E but the others are fairly new with some having no experience roleplaying at all. Again, I would be happy to help walk the others through the process of character creation and other technical, rules-based questions as we go along.

    My group is looking for a more casual schedule, however. We are preferably looking to play on alternate weeks on either Thursdays or Sundays starting around 9 PM EST and playing for 2-2.5 hours a session.

    I know there are some big asks for a DM, but if there are any patient DMs out there willing to cut their teeth on a group new to FG and 5E, I'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to me on this thread, through DM, or on Discord at Rogich#4211. Thanks.
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    Any responses yet?

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    I have sent a friend request - Zombiegunz

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    Thanks to everyone who responded. I found a DM. If things fall through with him, I'll reach out individually to those of you with whom I chatted.

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