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    Quest Awards per SC

    From what I understand, quest XP are divided between all party members.

    But, I have a Quest that is worth 15 XP for each SC that completes the task. I don't know how many SCs will partake (or succeed) in the quest. Is there a way to model this in FGII?

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    What's an SC?

    You can give out individual XP by dragging the XP amount from the quest and drop of the XP box for the PC in the Party sheet.
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    SC was a translation gaffe. I meant PC.

    Edit: Tried your method and it works. Thanks!
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    If all PCs wills share the XP - create a quest in the party sheet, enter the total XP (manually calculate the total needed) and then you can distribute the XP to all of the PCs in the party sheet.

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