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Thread: Starship Stuff

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    Starship Stuff

    Looking at fixing up the Starship Combat stuff.

    To do list:

    Fix HP at the different teirs. It's a minor thing, but it's one of those things that I know is a bug in current ruleset, and "should" be an easy fix.

    Add the crew, adapt the starship to the crew.
    Add the rules for rolling dice, and applying the effects. Major issue is trying to work out ARCs, these arcs are important, but not sure if there is a way of doing the facing calcuations on the hex-grid (I've previously looked into path tracing calcuations... I got a headache and gave up.) However hopefully have it the GM chooses the ARC which will be hit, then the dice are rolled, and damage applied, whoop, need to make it sticky.
    Work out the stuff for applying glitch,wreck and the other status I cannot remember right now.
    Then working out an initative tracker, although to be fair I GM this in real life, Engineers do engineering things, pilots roll off, in order pilots do pilot things, scientists do science things, and then gunners do their thing. And the captain interupts when every they want... Need a button for the captain intimiate against the enemy crew that's anothering thing to add to the list... oh wait this is the list. Anyway, this is likely to be the last thing on my list cause I don't feel it's too important/difficult to do without an independant tracker.

    Button for recording enemy being intimidated by captains.

    Okies, I'm rambling now, I'm going to update this as I go, probably won't make much progress quickly.

    If anyone has anything else that needs to be added to this list, then throw in a message and I'll add it to my todo list.

    But one thing (and I might have to try and trace down a dev for fantasy grounds) the hit points issue, the increment seems to be based on the frame of the ship, but it's not recorded against the frames currently. So I'm going to have to trace that down the item records for those, expand with a field for increments, but then the frames are behind the core rule book which is password protected. So I'm either going to have to key in a new frame and get that to work... I tried duplicating the Shuttle and it just told me that this feature isn't implemented yet, but it is because dragging in the original worked. But even if I do manage it I might need to get the core rule book updated and/or hacking onto the side of the ruleset... but that might knacker it up if they add a new frame in say an AP like they did in one already... yeah better to get it into the core rule book... even though it's protected.

    Okies enough rambling

    HP Correct.
    Crew roles and rolls.
    Damage and Arc.
    Crit Damage and effects.
    Captain intimidate.
    Starship Crew initiative.

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    I wish you good luck on this venture

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    Make sure your insurance is up to date! Thanks for doing it!

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    Thank you for the well wishes.

    Buh, well I started jotting down notes on the the logic side, mainly as I've been at work all day and only just got back from DnD night, so not been able to play around in the code.

    Also did some rough thinking on an initative tracker/action sheet. See the traditional style doesn't work becasue each ship get's multiple rolls each round, did think about putting them into crew order top down, but then the captain that can jump in at any moment. and the pilot action/science officer could switch every single round (as long as I'm not the GM cause I loose every single time on initiative.

    Also word of warning, if I do get this working it will NOT be pretty, it will be functional. It's not that I don't like pretty and thing function over from, it's because I have limits of my artistic skill is pencil and paper, and I'll probably be able to work out something along the lines of... make it blue!

    So without further ado before I forget this again

    --Space Combat Initative Tracker--
    Ship Name | Setup | Captain | Engineers | Pilot Initiative | Pilot Action | Science Officers | Gunners | Shields | Hull |
    Hippocampus | X | O | X | X | X | O | O | 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 | 35 |
    Sunrise Maiden | X | X | X X | X | O | | O | 0 / 15 / 10 / 10 | 42 |
    Round YY |Next Phase |

    So this is just a rough idea, where I might like to end up, its best for me to conceptulise where it's going to end up, so that even when writing in the basics of dice rolls + modifiers, it's each roll is going to need to set a flag that they've acted this round, throw up warning if they've already acted. The double actions of anyone are probably going to be slightly more complicated. And fudge knows what I'm going to do for single pilot craft (see just thought of that now but I need to factor that in for dice rolling).

    I'm also not 100% sure I can get some dynamic interfacing going like this because as we can see on the Sunrise Maiden, well I can see it but I should probably explain, once the ships are dragged into the initative tracker, it'll add a line for them.
    The first set in space combat every round is actually the setup, incase people decide to switch poitions. After that the \/ moves along the top to indicated which phase your in. So the X means that action has been completed. The setup automatically happens when the GM clicks. After that the icon stays a O until the action is taken, after setup it goes onto Engineering, so I should probably switch Setup and Captain, the captain is outside of the phase ordering because they have "the when ever" clause in their job descriptions.

    Then once all the engineers have gone and it's all Xs then the GM hits Next Phase, and so on and so forth until it hits gunners, and then flicks back to Setup, with the round counter YY incrementing.

    Need to thing how to signal that the Pilot Action and Science Officers are grouped, into the same phase, but that might just be some funky colouring.

    The X are likely to be little green dots, and the O little red dots. Shields and Hull at the end are just counters much like SP/HP on players.

    Might included things like TL and AC becasue they are dyamic based on rolls in the round.
    Would need to look into how to apply effects and remove them at the top of the round.
    Also the whole X X of engineers is another thing I'm not sure if it's possible in FG (so open to suggestions, even if it's just a note of what it's doing else where so I can rip out that code from somewhere else, pull it apart and stick it back together)
    Also we can see that this X X of enginners is becasue they've move the science officer into engineering cause something got wrecked... although that's not really clear, so do I have a Weapons / Computers / Engines / Lifesupport / the other thing?, little coloured things, Green/Yellow/Red/Black? to signal the state of them. But yeah, would like to have that all update automagically, and reset the top of each round.

    Smeg, I forgot about computers again, those are so frequently forgotten I find, these computers with +1/+1 bonuses here and there, probably want to track those, click on one to use the bonus, and reset them as well at the top of the round. So many things to consider at the top of the round and statuses to restore.

    Okies, that's the thoughts of the day. Now off to prep a game of starfinder I'm apparently running in RL tomorrow.

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    Well it knackered my styling cause it doesn't like multiple spaces, but I hope you get the idea.

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    As someone with zero coding skills but a heavily invested interest in Starfinder on FG I wish you all the luck and I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

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    Looking at the combat tracker, a simple segmented tracker that automatically fills out who is where and what phase were in and fixing the starship sheet so it works with it would do wonders as a start.

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    Okies, slowly getting my head round how the system works. I probably should of been in bed an hour ago but anyway.

    It's crude and not very pretty but I have the incremental HP sorted. I say it's crube because I've not cracked open the Starship frames in items and added a stat for incremental HP.

    I think ultimately they'll have to be broken away from the Pre-generated Starships, because they don't need an incremental value.

    Anyway, I've done it based on base HP and broke them into groups, and set an incremental HP value.
    Then for the teir saved that against the ship, and read that out when calculating HP, and a bunch of IF statements, if it's above 3 then increment = increment + 1, if above 7 then increment = increment + 1... and so on, then add baseHP to incremental HP * increments.

    You still need to re-apply the frame of the ship, any time you change the tier.

    I've also done some work on the teir entry for less that tier 1.
    Previously 0.25 would throw an error as it wasn't in <.25 or >.25.
    Previously 0.33 would throw an error as it wasn't in < .33 and > .33
    And anything above 20 would throw an error, I've now capped it to 20, if you enter 33 by mistake it will just give you the BP for tier 20.
    All I need to do now, is work out how to get it stop erroring when you enter any decimal number above 1. Anyone know LUA for the doing a modulus divide?

    And finally for the observant amongst you, you've probably noticed that I mistype tier and teir all the time which throws SO many errors when I first try to run the game.

    Still it's "progress", I appreciate this isn't exactly leaps and bounds, but it's

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    you are doing the lord's work

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