FG license: Ultimate
Time zone: Eastern standard time
Playtime: I am looking for a Friday night game that starts at least at 8 PM, weekly if possible
Term: I would prefer long term or a module
Voice: Can use pretty much anything with a preference towards discord
Game system preferred: D&D 5e
Game system experience : I've been playing D&D for 20 years, been playing 5e since it came out
Fantasy grounds experience: I've been using fantasy grounds for a few months now both as a player and a DM.
Character type preferred :I tend to go towards paladins, wizards and monks, but am open to anything really.
About me:
I've been playing role-playing games my whole life and as i got older me and my friends have less time to group up and play anymore which is why i bought fantasy grounds. I dm'd and played about 50/50 so i know both ends of the spectrum pretty well.
I like to role-play and combat about equally.
I am french Canadian although my English is pretty good so it shouldn't be too much of a problem on that end.I am also a father of two which is why starting the game at 8 is a must so that they are in bed.
I also have a friend that would be interested in tagging along, we've been playing together for a long time and if you do have an extra spot available he would like to join as well.
If anyone is interested please notify me.