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    Grumpy old man looking for group

    I started D&D when it was in paperback, i think the new generation has forgotten what D&D is all about. Optimizing characters so that they do the most damage possible, get multiple attacks and have the very best AC, were is the challenge in that? just moving from one fight to the next? were did role playing go? There has to be a group out there that still plays D&D. Who wants to play in a group were they have time to get a sandwich and eat it while waiting for the other players to take there multiple attack then spell cast then move then start the bonus actions.
    So now that the rant is over, I am looking for a group that still plays D&D and wants a player that wants to role play a character and not role play the rule book. I am available on Wednesdays-Sundays at most any time, the benefits of retirement. Please leave a PM.


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    5E is leaving a lot to be desired.

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