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    LFG 1 Player Thurs evening/Sun afternoon EST 5E/PF

    FG License: Currently Demo but willing to upgrade to Standard

    Time Zone: Eastern USA

    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Thursday evening available 7 PM -12 AM/Sunday afternoon 12 PM - 6PM, weekly

    Term: Long term

    Voice: Discord, but can use any other VOIP software

    Game System Preferred:

    Game System Experience: 5E 2-3 years as a player/Pathfinder 6 months as a player

    Fantasy Grounds Experience: ~6 months experience, I have a good grasp of the basics and can usually stumble my way through intermediate issues with coding for effects, etc.

    Character Type Preferred: I've played a lot of arcane casters/healers in the past but I'm usually willing to fill a role gap in the party and I am currently trying to experience different classes

    About me: I have a moderate level of experience with 5E and only about 6 months experience with Pathfinder and FG but I feel like I've learned alot about all 3 systems in the past few months to the point where I'm proficient with the basics and can figure things out on the fly. I am most interest in stable/dedicated groups who are willing and able to play through the entirety of a module/adventure path. I've been using these forums for a few months now to try to find different campaigns and have had bad luck with groups breaking up after only a few sessions. Therefore, I would be more than willing to join an existing, stable group or I would even consider a paid game (if the charge is reasonable).

    I'm most interested in running pre-written modules/adventure paths but I would consider homebrew campaigns, depending on the details.

    A little about me - I'm 36 and do my best to respect the time of the other players and GM. Once I commit to a campaign, I do everything in my power to avoid absences and I'm almost never late to the start of a session. I also do my best to take care of levelling up and character-specific maintenance on my own time to maximize play time with the group. I would prefer a group/GM who have similar qualities and goals.

    Thanks for considering me as a player.
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