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    LFP Need 4 Players Weekdays 9:00am UTC+2, 5PM AEST 5E Curse of Strahd

    FG License: I have Ultimate so you need only demo (free) version
    b: 5e

    Time Zone: UTC+2
    Day of week and time: During the weekdays 9:00am UTC+2. Exact day would vary depends on my shift etc.
    Start date: To be decided. It really depends when we would get enough people.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Sessions would be 3-4 hours long on a weekly basis.
    Voice software used: Discord
    Roleplay & Combat mix: It will probably be a good mixure of everything but this things usually depends more on players than dm.
    Number of Players in game & needed: 3-4 players needed.
    Character starting level & equipment:1st level, class equipment
    Character restrictions: No flying races, no variant human. Also i would preffer people that havent played yet Cos.

    Details of your scenario: This is a well known adventure. Setting is gothic horror and can be really demanding. To really enjoy this adventure you need to like this kind of stuff.
    Also english is not my native language so if some grammar mistakes bothers you this will not be for you probably :P
    For more info please pm me.
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    I'd like in on this. I love gothic horror and haven't done CoS

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    Like to join group. Last i play dnd was with 3.5e.

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    Still need 2 players. Come join, we have cookies <3

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    I am up for gaming, but only 6pm - 12pm UTC+2.

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    It's a pity you're not running this a little later than the time listed above. For me, it's around 5 PM or so AEST, which starts just prior to my typical nightly eating period (this includes relaxing and watching some TV before I go about the rest of the night), and ends just around when I would finish. I normally prefer playing during times where it won't affect this, to avoid lateness or other issues. If the time you've listed is tentative, then let me know how much later you'd run it and I might consider joining. Otherwise, good luck with finding a couple others.

    It's a great adventure, but you do need some willing unfortunate victims to truly enjoy it, especially if you're starting at 1st-level with its own content. I do know it well, as I've run it as a DM awhile ago now, although I'm perfectly capable of ignoring what I know and staying in character properly. I've never had the chance to play it though, and would certainly like to. So if your time running this is a bit flexible, don't hesitate to let me know. That said, my preference would be something like three hours later, so that may not work for you or the others you've already got.
    “The line between the Light and the Darkness is not always so thin, for Good can come of wrong just as Evil may show from right. But sometimes...the Ends justify the Means”.

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    Hi Guys,

    I am based UTC+1 and would be keen on this game!

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    I would be in, good for mon, thurs or fri. Experienced 5E and FG.

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    I'm very keen to join. Haven't played Curse of Strahd yet.

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