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    Actions from outside combat tracker

    I play in person and the players roll their own to-hit and damage rolls. I want to be able to quickly and easily handle area effect spells. I can figure out the Action text to make, but have no way to apply it. That is, for Modifiers and Effects, there are windows you can open and then drag & drop the modifier or effect onto PCs or NPCs. I do not see an equivalent for Actions.

    As an example, if there were the equivalent window for Actions, I could have the following readied for fireball:
    [SAVEVS: dexterity 15 (H) (magic)][DMG: 19 fire]

    I would just change the 19 to whatever damage the player rolled and then drag & drop on each NPC as needed. Super-fast and super-easy. Then hopefully I could also do the same thing with area effect spells that apply effects, not just damage.

    Seems like there is probably a quick and easy way to do this that I am missing. Any ideas?

    The option to create a fake NPC on the combat tracker does not seem quick and easy because finding the action will be a pain and the Actions do not seem editable once on the combat tracker and I need the damage editable. Also, creating a fake PC with the spell is not quick and easy to me. Then I have to go to the PC, edit the spell for the damage, reparse the spell, etc.

    I also tried just having a custom NPC that was not on the combat tracker with the right wording as an action (that is, not the Action text as above but the text that normally is in a spell description that FG automatically searches for keywords.) That almost worked. I could drag & drop the save (with the right DC) and drag & drop the (easily editable) damage, but the damage was not halved when the save was made. Same with effects (that is, I can apply the effect but it does not know about the save just rolled.)

    I see a similar question here but it was specific to adding actions to the PCs in the combat tracker. That would work (though it is not currently implemented) if the actions were also editable.
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    Have one fake PC with one fake power. Right-click and "add damage" Just type in 19. Now you have an editable power you can apply with a single click and you can target easily.

    Right-click again and "add cast" then make saves for dex, will, and con. The others are rare but if you like you can add them. This example should be easy enough. You just click the little magnifying glass (might be a different symbol if you use a different theme) to edit it. You can see I have the damage and the cast open, so I can edit the "fixed" value for the save, and the amount and type of damage.

    You can use the damage for weapons too, even though it is set up as a power. Silver and Magic (for reasons of immunity) you would add as "slashing,silver" or "piercing,magic" for example.Demo.PNG

    If you just have the one fake PC and the whole character sheet is empty, then the one and only power is always easy to find.

    Also, after you apply it to one NPC, you can drag and drop to others, but they won't have the benefit of "half on save" from this method. Target and roll all the saves at once is preferred in that case.

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    Ok, thanks for the help. I tried it and I will probably do it that way. One thing that helped was I realized I could put the character sheet in the quick access bar, so I can pop the fake character open and closed quickly. Editing the damage is fairly quick. I had tried similar before but had not put the character sheet in the quick access bar. It took too long to get back to the character sheet quickly.

    (And I was wrong, the Actions are editable on the Combat Tracker. You just have to get it to stop highlighting the full selection and then you can edit. So that is another option.)

    Thanks again

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    Can't you also just make an effect/action with "d0" for the damage and then type the value you want in the modifier box before applying the effect/action? Also, you can then also drop all those on the hotkeys and have them very easily accessible.

    Haven't tried it, and maybe it's not what you want, but it seems reasonable

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    I have to assume here that the player character sheets are not on the Combat Tracker, because otherwise you would just be using the manual dice roller right?
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