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    Thursday Stream Giveaway

    Greetings Fantasy Grounds users. My name, or at least what most gamers in the community call me, is Marbanya. I DM a streamed game on Thursday evenings, currently running Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. When we started the stream, I promised to return the revenues generated by the stream back to the viewers in the form of prizes/giveaways. I am proud to announce that we have reached that first milestone and will be giving away a Fantasy Grounds Standard License during our next stream. All you have to do is follow or subscribe to be eligible for the prize. So ... here's the details:

    Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/marbanya
    Date: Thursday, April 25th
    Stream Time: 8pm Eastern (-4 UTC)
    Prize: One (1) Fantasy Grounds Standard License

    Followers can receive one entry ticket
    Subscribers can receive two entry tickets.
    The drawing will be held at break-time, generally around 9:30 Eastern.

    Stop by and enjoy the shenanigans and dastardly deeds of this entertaining cast of characters as they wreak havoc on The City of Splendors. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.
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