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    Extension: Half resistance and a bug fix for the order of RESIST and VULN

    Hello all

    I made some extension and wanted to share that with you; and, since I am completely no programmer and this is my first extension ever (except my theme extension) which I now made in around 4 hours, I would be happy if someone could check my extension I tested it and it seems to work

    I once opened here a thread about that: In 3.5e you have sometimes situations where e.g. fire damage is halved like using a cold shield, but one only has effects for resistance for a finite number like RESIST: 10 fire. RESIST: fire does nothing. Therefore I made now an extension for that It works like that: type "HRESIST: [damage type]" or "HRESIST: all" if you want to half it for any damage type (whoever has such a mighty buff! )

    While I was trying to figure out how to do this, I realized some minor bug in FG: In which order you apply resistance and vulnerability (e.g. for a frost giant with a ring of fire resistance)? Corresponding to, answer #15, the resistance and vulnerability are always applied in such a way that it minimises the damage (it seems to be the official way although the site about that of WotC does not exist anymore. I found the same answer in many other threads). I.e., first resistance, then vulnerability.
    But I realized that this is not the case for FG, first vulnerability is applied and then resistance. Therefore my extension also changes that If you want a different order then say it, that is easy to change

    The total order of application of the effects is: 1. HRESIST, 2. RESIST, 3. VULN

    (HRESIST has to be before RESIST for minimisation of dmg, otherwise you would effectively half the resistance. This is also the reason why I called the effect HRESIST instead of applying something like RESIST: fire because FG seemingly takes only the highest or empty number whichever it "finds" first when someone has both effects, RESIST: fire and RESIST: 10 fire etc.)

    No worries it doesn't matter in which order the effects are in the ct

    Please let me know if there are any problems

    PS: I worry about how I've put up the extension. I simply took the whole damage manage file; hopefully this is correct in that way

    PPS: Should also work for Pathfinder, didn't test it though. So, if you want to use house rules in Pathfinder then you can also use that extension

    EDIT: Since it changes the damage manager .lua-file it may not work with some extensions. I work on some compatibility with the extensions I use (like strain and injury)
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