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    Quote Originally Posted by Nohal View Post
    Posted in The Tavern as Alchemy & Herbalism are present in many different games.
    The Tavern is for "General discussion about Fantasy Grounds", as this is not Fantasy Grounds related, I've moved this to the Commons - which is for "Non-Fantasy Grounds related discussion about gaming."

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    So, a lot of the terminology you are using seems to be using different definitions than used in a contemporary setting. It almost sounds like making up the meaning of words in an attempt at self-inflation. How is the time of day a philosophical musing?

    I'd seriously recommend taking this question over to the gurps forum at steve jackson games. If only for the fact that system has an alchemy skill and a herbalism, and I've this sort of discussion over there, albeit without the dust.

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    I believe that my membership to the Theosophical Society is still current. I have spent countless hours in their libraries studying. I am no stranger to the type of language used in these subjects, but that being said, the purpose of language is to aid communication, NOT establish a false pedigree or an aura of authority.

    I say that as a pupil of Einstein, Blavatsky, Fisher and countless others.

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