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Thread: LF 2 Players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrogen View Post
    3 of us have the ultimate version. Add me up on discoid and we can chat some. I’ll be away with holiday weekend. Can chat more mon/Tuesday and go over group and details. Have a good weekend.
    I'm trying to get discord installed but I'm getting an unhandled exception error. So when/if I get it working I certainly will.

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    What server are you on? I'm having to use the browser version and its asking for a server.

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    I am interested in joining, that time works great for me. If you still have a spot open discord me Gungnir#9422

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    Sure do add me up on Discoid and chat early next week.

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    Server name I created is:


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    I was able to install Discord but can't find your server. My handle is Dustin1Mcc#0983. I tried sending you a friend request. Not sure if you got it or not.

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    We aren’t playing this Wednesday, but picking up campaign next wed. With that said I’ll be on around 9 on Wednesday this week on my discoid for anyone that was interested in joining group. We can go over questions and details about the group.


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    @Hydrogen, Hey I'm still interested and I have everything installed. But I'm still not sure how we're going to connect on Discord. I'm central time so I guess I'll be back on around 8 pm tonight and try to catch you. Is there a way to send me an invite to your server? Dustin1mcc#0983. Thanks.

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    Group to play this coming Wednesday if anyone is interested be in around 830 we start around 9.

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    Still looking for more people?

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