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    Attaching a token to a new monster?

    I was able to figure out how to load an image into the campaign folder as a monster image for a new monster I was creating, and I was able to generate stats and get the parser to recognize them for die rolls, but I cannot figure out how to attach a token to the monster for use as a token. Could someone kindly explain the process, please?

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    Welcome to the FG forums!

    One of the golden rules of FG is that you assign "things" to something by drag/drop - for adding a token to a NPC: make sure your NPC record is unlocked and then drag a token from the token window and drop it on the token field in the NPC window.

    Background info on tokens here:

    EDIT: you don’t mention which ruleset you’re using. There’s some info on adding a token right at the bottom of the NPC page in the Wiki user guide for 5E here:
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    Thank you! I appreciate the breadcrumbs as well. I am doing this in the 5E ruleset.

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