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    Ok another sucker.
    No 3d printer.
    Unlikely to ever play with minis.
    But I bought it anyway
    They're getting so cheap now that it's not bad to pick one up as a hobby.

    I have a 3D printer and mainly use it to print board game stuff.
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    Now if they would just make a 3d painter

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    There was recently a Kickstarter for the Dragonlock miniatures, with addons for the terrain.

    The recommended printer for these is the Creality Ender-3.

    Nope, I haven't picked one up yet, but plan to as soon as we move (3-4 months, new home, new town, crappy commute)

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    You can pick up an Ender 3 for around $200 if you shop around. It’s amazing the quality of terrain and minis this can turn out (in terms of FDM 3D printing). There’s a couple of small upgrades recommended, the total cost is usually less than $250. Then you’ll need to buy filament - around $20-$25 per KG, which will give you a lot of prints.

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