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notrealdan, do you do commissions? And shipping for less than $99? Hey, this kind of table should be a Kickstarter reward.

How do you handle the mic/speaker set up for remote players? And how well does that meatspace/virtualspace mash up work?
Hehe, I'm not currently taking orders...

For video, I use a webcam (Logitech C930e) mounted on a tripod and pointed at the table so it can see myself and all players. For audio, I use a Jabra "puck" (this one I think, or one very similar). They're connected to a spare laptop running Zoom and sitting off to the side, so I can run FG from my main laptop. Then I also have a monitor connected to that laptop as a second screen and put it on the table sort of where a player might be. I'll try to remember to snap a picture next time I have it set up for a game.

My boss is OK with me borrowing the Jabra, webcam, and Zoom account from the office.