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    Actor type role players?

    So, Iím thinking about play-styles. I refer to mine as Actor-stance, but Iím not going strictly by the GNS theory definition, though itís similar, but less restrictive. Itís playing in character, as your character, using mostly only what information your character knows except for taking the other players and GM into significant consideration towards the goal of playing cooperatively as a priority. Also, Iím talking about speaking in character voice and developing aspects of your characterís story that donít necessarily revolve around increasing stats or gaining powers. This includes narrating your charactersí actions or intentions where appropriate to enhance the subtle details of a scene.
    Iím not interested in a debate about terminology. Iím interested in seeing how many other gamers share a lot of enthusiasm for this play-style, please. So, anyone out there who shares this preference?

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    Currently I'm playing a female Dragon-born Cleric in a friend's adventure. I like to stay in character during the game, and voice her with a Japanese accent, softly spoken but with an air of arrogance. We're literally just starting at level 1 and I play her as naive, but headstrong. I don't metagame. It destroys the atmosphere. If Veld (my character) wouldn't know it - then no way can I act on it.

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    I'm always the GM and I find that all the NPCs talk like Pirates
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    I try to speak in NPC voices, but the accents all slew together, the players have a good laugh, and I give up on the voices for a while.

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    When I am a player I do tend to come up with mannerisms for my characters. One recent one only spoke in metaphors about the weather, especially storms and snow. However, I do try to ensure I don't hog the spotlight, nor to usurp the GM's authority as narrator. I use the guidelines from diceless systems like Amber: You can describe what you do, you do not describe the effects of what you do upon other characters as that is taking away their authority over their own characters (including NPCs except with GM permission).

    Typically I find that when done right, even just one actor can inspire other players at the table to get into character themselves. Unless that actor is being a jerk (and spoiling everyone's fun) or a comedian (and spoiling everyone's immersion). So when I'm a GM I tend to enjoy having actors at the table.

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    I tend to lean towards the Role-playing aspect over the Roll-Playing aspect. Not that I have any issue with any other play style, the game's all about enjoyment and whilst I don't take any pleasure out of being a rules-hog, there are people who do and the trick of the GM is to cater for all types of player that come to their table.

    That been said, I do love it when people get into a role because it encourages others to get immersed in the game and I personally find that more fun.

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    The thing that most of the characters I play have in common isn’t a trait or profession or the kinds of things most people think about when they think about ‘type.’ Just in the last few years, I’ve played a Hollywood talent manager on a cable single camera half-hour, an ex-con waitress on an hour-long cable show, a nervous television executive on a cable single camera comedy, a murderous mattress store employee in a network drama, a traumatized court clerk in another network drama, and a high school civics teacher on a kid’s show; not a lot of similarities between those characters or projects.

    However, with a few exceptions, I tend to play characters who walk the line between comedy and drama. I am often hired for roles that bring levity to a dramatic situation or require both comedy and drama. I also often work on projects where the tone is hard to get right, so they look for actors who are able to adapt to a wide range of styles.
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