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    Newbie seeking advice

    I hope this is the proper place to make this post. Im still fairly new to DnD and am still learning. Ive been catching onto and picking up the rules fairly quickly. One big reason I wanted to learn to play DnD was for the opportunity to create my own adventure. That's what Im asking advise for. I have the beginnings of an idea. Here is what I have:

    An adventure for 2 PCs based in/near the Sword Coast. It will start as two separate duet adventures (level 1 to 2). Each PC will be young, fresh *blank race* looking to begin the life of an adventurer. They have spent their life savings on their kit of gear, armor, and weapons. Each duet will focus on character development (they will start with a basic background, family history, deity, and preferably a true neutral alignment that is subject to change as they develop). Each of these duets will culminate in their stories meeting up with each other to tackle a dire emergency (possibly rescuing an NPC to join their party, or taking on a band of raiders in a nearby town).

    My issues: is this a possibility (can it be done)? Would it be enjoyable? Im also still a little lost on actual objectives to be completed by the PCs.

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    Sure, no reason I see that it wouldn't all work. Check out the DMsGuild, their are several products there for zero level adventures or zero level characters. I think one of them even has an FG version.

    I also always recommend folks new to FG check out FG College. Free classes, lots of resources, and a friendly group of folks www.fantasygroundscollege.net

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    You want your players to feel free to create their characters and buy as they want, but if you find two players wanting those roles it should work just fine.

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    My plan is to give them a starting GP value ("life savings" if you will) to start off with and spend as they see fit. that and age is about the only "restrictions" i have in mind to help facilitate the overall flow of what i have in mind. my main goal is to have them bring a basic character with a minimal development to start the duets with. the main goal of the duets is to grow and develop the finer details of character development and really get them into the RP mindset of the characters before they get to the meeting of the two players for the main questline and objectives
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