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    Bug in gameelements.xml

    i I think this is a bug...

    if I copy gameelements.xml to
    C:\Program Files\FantasyGrounds\rulesets\Broken\data

    (Broken being my custom ruleset..)
    I then edit base.xml as follows to exclude the gameelements from the default directory...

    <includefile source="rulesets\Broken\data\gameelements.xml" />
    <!--<includefile source="data\gameelements.xml" />-->

    If I now log on to FG I do not see the chat box. but I do see all the other elements that are included in gameelements.xml

    This is really odd

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    This is my base.xml and my chatbox appears fine. Note how mine is in my ruleset directory and I have no mention of the one in the data folder.

    	<staticdata source="rulesets\Talislanta\database\modifiers.xml" />
    	<includefile source="data\bmpfonts.xml" />
    	<includefile source="data\graphics.xml" />
    	<desktopimage file="rulesets\Talislanta\textures\rings.bmp" />
    	<includefile source="data\ui_adventure.xml" />
    	<includefile source="data\ui_utility.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\gameelements.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_graphics.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\charsheet.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_adventure.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_desktop.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_reference.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_utility.xml" />
    	<includefile source="rulesets\Talislanta\Tal_export.xml" />

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    that is odd as I copy the gameelements.xml directly from the base data directrory where my base.xml file is pointining to and copy it to my ruleset and it stops working very very odd

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    This may sound silly, but I've found it to be the most common error with custom rulesets. Check your base.xml for typos. You may have already so I'm not trying to suggest you didn't but if by accident you didn't close a tag, or flubbed a quote then it would be something easy to miss even though your text may look ok. If you'd like a second pair of eyes, post it here.

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