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    Please do not share nor request access to copyrighted material not available through official channels, and approved by the publisher.

    Considering the extension mentioned and requested has been available on the FG forum for almost a year, it seems like an over reaction.

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    Methinks it was a misreading.

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    My extension implements some of the systems from Combats & Tactics, such as their method for determining critical hits, locations and severity, as well as their phased initiative system. It doesn't reproduce the actual "rulebook text" like you see when you buy an officially licensed Fantasy Grounds product.

    I did create a module for my own use that has the actual critical hit tables entered as Fantasy Grounds-style tables, along with stories of explanation text copy & pasted from the rulebook for what all the different crit effects are, but did not distribute it because of it's copyrighted nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Methinks it was a misreading.
    you must be right as sterno's extension is no more than an artistic representation of some game mechanics (which can not be copyrighted as far as i know) in FG and does not contain any original text or pictures.
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