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    LFP: Short Symbaroum introductory campaign, TUE April 30, 5.30 PM GMT (flexible)

    Do not expect an epic, polished game! This game will be us stumbling over rules and getting them wrong most of the time. This game will be a short teaser on Symbaroum to determine whether any longer campaigns are feasible. There will most likely be a short Shadow of the Demon Lord test campaign next.

    FG License: Ultimate (players only need demo)

    Game System: Symbaroum

    Time Zone: GMT +2

    Day of week and time: TUE 5.30 PM GMT (another weekday and time +-1 hour might also be possible, be sure to state any requests below)

    If new game, planned start date: TUE April 30th, 5.30 PM GMT (if there are enough players by then)

    If necessary, we can use an additional first session to go over the rules quickly.

    If there is enough interest from non-GMT-adjacent-timezones, I would also consider running it on the weekend, so feel free to post here and state your interest even if you can't make weekday GMT evenings.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: 3-4 hour sessions for 2-3 weeks

    Term: Short term (2-3 weeks)

    Text or Voice: Voice

    Voice software used: Teamspeak (Discord if Teamspeak is down)

    Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Honestly, it will most likely be 25 % roleplay, 35 % combat and 40 % of us being unsure about the rules and/or the automatisation. As I and presumably most players are new to the ruleset and the FG ruleset is pretty new, don't expect things to go smoothly, it will most likely be a learning experiment for all of us.

    Number of Players in game & needed: Currently 1 player, around 3 players needed (though I might consider running it only for two players if it seems unlikely to get more in the short term)

    Character starting level & equipment: Pregens are provided (the ones from the Core Rulebook), you can use your own character if you feel relatively confident that you can build it yourself.

    Character restrictions: I would advice you not to make the character too complicated for the first game and stick to the Core Rulebook, though feel free to run it by me if you want any particular build.

    Details of your scenario:

    The land you are leaving is barren and dead, ravaged by dark magic. Before you lies Ambria with its rampant rivers, bountiful forests and fertile soils, promising well-earned rest for weary souls. But will it deliver? The region you are headed for is ancient. Under the sublime surface, age-old conflicts still run hot and the northbound refugees gush out over the landscape like lamp oil over a smoldering hearth.

    A wintry breeze follows you and your companions through the Titans, the mountain range separating the dead Alberetor in the south from Ambria up north. It is still far from certain that you will reach your destination. Many of your exiled brothers and sisters have perished on the way, from hunger or exhaustion or in the jaws of predators roaming the wilds. And for you there is yet another cause for concern – some of your companions claim to hear a whispering voice in the gusts of snowy mountain air.

    Same disclaimer as above: Do not expect an epic, polished game! This game will be us stumbling over rules and getting them wrong most of the time. This game will be a short teaser on Symbaroum to determine whether any longer campaigns are feasible. There will most likely be a short Shadow of the Demon Lord test campaign next.

    Link to Gamecalendar page: here

    Edit: Currently all spots filled, feel free to apply to the waiting list though (as there is always the chance of someone having to drop out).
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    If you do run it on a Saturday, I'm interested. This game looks amazing. Just got the core book and can't read it cause all I want to do is stare at the artwork!

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    Alright, thanks. Yes, the art style is definitely appealing.

    Currently up to two players who could do the TUE date. SAT date would probably be 6 PM GMT but no promises yet.

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    I would like to join and am down for all fri,sat,and sun.maybe any day depending on what time it is

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    First preference for time would be TUE 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour)

    Other possibilities would be MON 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour), THU 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour) or SAT 6 PM GMT (+- 1 hour) (maybe FR 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour), however no promises on this alternative) but I'd have to check with the two other players' availability first.

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    Looking forward to it. Rich setting and great art !

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    Ah, the joys of scheduling. As a tutorial campaign, I would also run it for 3-4 players.

    Please let me know whether the following dates would work for you, using the following metric (or something similar) to indicate your availability, either here or via any other channels I seem likely to check:

    preferred - works - might work/some issues (e.g. not on X.Y.Z.) - does not work

    TUE would work best for me (but is only a preference), FR I'd have to double-check the particular dates.

    I'm assuming only SAT for those of you in non-GMT-adjacent timezones.

    MON 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour)
    TUE 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour)
    THU 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour)
    FR 5.30 PM GMT (+-1 hour),
    SAT 6 PM GMT (+- 1 hour)

    All of the dates: presumably starting the 29th of April for 2-3 weeks

    Edit: Now with doodle link
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    Lots of different preferences, unfortunately no alternative that's suitable for everyone. Looks like at least 3 players could make it on SAT May 4th, so that's the most probable date at this point in time for the first session.

    For the players who could not make SAT: Would anything change if it was around 1 hour earlier?

    I added two more options for SUN April 28th just in case but be aware I'm not sure myself yet whether I have time on this date.

    I'll still wait a few more days before making the final decision though in case anything changes (new players etc.) Apologies in advance to those that might not make the date but it's the least bad candidate (without waiting a few weeks).

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    As there was no new input, I would schedule the first session for SAT May 4th, 6 PM GMT. Duration: 3-4 hours.

    Characters: Everything in the Core Rulebook should be fine. If you want to use other materials, I'd appreciate it if you discussed it with me first. Note that it is relatively easy to create overpowered characters (e.g. damage or armor stacking) but it might not necessarily be a very fun way to play for you and/or the others. You can of course also use the pregens.

    If you need the server up to build your character, feel free to contact me.

    Please send me/build your character/notify me of your pregen a few days before the game so I can review the necessary rules.

    Technical details and contact: See game calendar page - GM Announcements

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    Id like to join if its not to late. I'm returning to D&D after 30 years so I'm new to online play. I can build up a quick character (fighter) if you need, or I can send you one I have here in FG. I'm in CDT so I can do the Saturday game.


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