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    It is a continuation of the campaign (part 3 of a trilogy) started on May 4th, running for about 2-3 more sessions.

    Players: Three regulars and one maybe so far.

    Honestly, at this point in time I don't think it is likely that the game time will still change.

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    Sorry for not replying for so long. Unexpected real life events got in the way, but I have time now. I can get on fantasy grounds tomorrow if that works for you.

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    Alright, with that we would currently have five players, so a full party.

    Unfortunately I'm running another game tomorrow, I could have it up WED or THUR GMT evening though.

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    I'm available tonight if you're online; I just messaged you in discord.

    Edit: I'm not sure if it's active right now or not, but I'm getting the message "Could not connect to the host. Check your network settings and verify the host address."
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    I can have the server up in around 5 minutes but will be unavailable myself.

    Note that there is no game this SAT. I'm currently trying to organise a game for SUN 16th 5 or 6 PM GMT but it is as of yet unsure whether there will be one. If not, the next game will be on the regular time SAT June 22nd 6 PM GMT.

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    As no one has logged in so far, I'm shutting the server down again.

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    Next scheduled game: SAT June 22nd 6 PM GMT.

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    I'm available tonight if you wouldn't mind running the server.

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    Unfortunately I was not at home yesterday evening but I hope we'll manage to do it sometime.

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    I know it's been a while since we've been in touch, but I'm available tomorrow if you're still interested in having me.

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