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    Small Hinderance not working correctly

    From my understanding the small hinderance reduces size by only 1, which is also coded like this. However in combat it appears to be counted as very small, for some reason. See the screenshot attached, it΄s a fresh character, who only has the hinderance, nothing else.


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    Confirmed this is happening to me as well, but only with the Hindrance from the SWADE Players Guide. Other sources of [Small -1] don't cause this issue, instead calculating size accurately. It seems the rule set is doing something special with the Small Hindrance. (Or indeed, any Hindrance named Small.)

    You can fix this yourself by copying the Small Hindrance and renaming it. For example, it will work is named "Small Fixed (Minor)". Note that "Small (Fixed) (Minor)" didn't fix it for me, I'm assuming it's ignoring the words in parenthesis.

    Further information for Ikael:

    If you create a hindrance with the title Small, but no effects, it treats the character as Small in scale, and assigns a -2 to attacks against it. If you add [Size -1] (from any source) to the character, it now treats it as Very Small, assigning a -4 to incoming attacks. [Size -2] causes it to regard the character as Tiny, with a -6. This leads me to believe the rule set is treating any character with a Hindrance called Small as having a -2 size. While it's true that characters of -2 Size are "Small" on the Size Table, that's not what the Hindrance does. It reduces Size to a minimum of -1, which is still Normal on the Size Chart, and thus gains no scale modifier. The only thing the Small Hindrance should be doing is reducing Size by 1 (to a minimum of -1) and by extension, reducing Toughness by 1.

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    I have provided fix regarding this. It will be in test channel soon and in live probably next week.

    There is still issue with NPCs if you add Small Hindrance to them but to fix it I will need to implement something little bit more complex. The issue with NPCs is that Small is actual Size name that is used in (old) official products to state that NPC is well.. Small with Size -2. It is shame that PEG decided to keep using Small name for the Hindrance although it has another meaning rules-wise. To get around the issue with that Hindrance in NPC sheets, just rename it to something else.
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    Confirmed fixed. It is working great now! Thanks Ikael!!!

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