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    Enhanced Library error

    Good day!

    Getting the following error using the Enhanced Library:

    Script Error: [string "scripts/new_manager_library_content.lua"]:82: attempt to index local 'sContent' (a nil value)

    That was the only extension I had active at the time. Running SWADE version 5.0 for FG, CoreRPG ruleset 3.3.7, and Enhanced Library extension version 1.32.

    Anyone else having this issue? Finally getting around to trying to enter a module using SWEL.

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    I think EL was updated to v1.5.

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    Yes, SWEL is on v1.5.

    Having said that, it could have been your markdown. I had this the other day, and of course I've already forgotten what it was I had to tweak in the markdown. There's a couple items SWEL doesn't like to parse.

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