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    I am new. How do i add a campaign that I bought?

    As it says up top I am new. And would like to know how to add a campaign that I bought? I bought The Tyrant's Grasp but it hasn't shown up in the program for three days now but Iron God's showed up right away. How do I fix this?

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    Hi Scottly

    When you load your existing or new campaign you should go to Library -> Modules and Activate the Module there.

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    I tried that a number of times with updates and closeout/restarts in between but it has not shown up yet. I bought Iron God's the same day and that shows up but not the Tyrant's Grasp. Do different ones take longer to show up? The payments for both went through.

    P.S. Have you played either one of those and if so are they good? I bought Iron God's after my group played Well Met in Kith'tahkaros but Iron God's seemed more difficult to navigate. Hence the reason i tried to get Tyrant's Grasp

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    First did you buy both modules from the Store or Steam? If the latter did you sync you Steam and Smiteworks accounts via 'manage' in settings? If you bought them from the Store did you sync your Paizo account if you claimed a discount for owning the pdf?

    If the above doesn't apply can you open up your FGData folder (click the small folder icon top right of your start screen) find the vault folder and check to see if you have a module in there called PZOSMWPZO90139FG.dat (if you bought AP1) or PZOSMWPZO90140FG.dat (if you bought AP2). If you see a file there then delete it and then do an update of FG.

    If you don't see the file there that you bought then something must have gone wrong with your download. If you are seeing the purchase in your purchase history then you should contact [email protected] who can look into the matter for you.
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    I bought them both from the store. They were not there so i will contact support. Thank you
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