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    Can't connect - 2 computers on the same network

    Hello, I'm interested to see this resolution, as well.

    I downloaded/installed FG Ultimate on my laptop, took awhile to figure out how to get it working (had to have my ISP turn on port forwarding for 1802). Long story short, I put FG (same same) on my desktop and went through the steps. Its now up & running on my desktop but now my laptop cannot connect to the hosted game.

    Used alias, external, and internal IPs. Also going to see if I can download the demo version and try that.

    One thing that may be preventing this from occurring, my network is currently only allowing one IP for the port forwarding rule I established.

    This is a complex process, to say the least...

    Thank you!

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    Welcome El Beavis

    You can only port forward a specific port to a specific location. You cant forward the traffic to two different computers.
    When you are both on the same LAN then you should connect to the other computers LAN IP.
    You should still make sure that the Network Profile (Windows) is set to Private.
    You may also need to make a rule to allow incoming TCP1802 connections in your AV.

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    Welcome to the forums El Beavis.

    I’ve moved this issue to a new thread - whereas it was similar to the thread you posted in, I’d like to keep the troubleshooting etc. separate - as the other thread is more than likely related to work enforced security and will probably be quite specific.

    Another thing to check, other than what damned mentions, is that your local security/anti-virus app on both computers allows FantasyGrounds.exe to access the network - you may need to add this in manually.

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    Only the computer running as the GM needs the port forwarding set up to it. And even then only if players are connecting from remote internet. If everyone is local, port forwarding isn't needed.

    Players do not use port forwarding and do not need to pass the GM connection test.

    Sounds more like you have an issue with firewall or anti-virus.

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    Thanks everyone, as soon as I verify resolution, I'll let the group know.

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