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Thread: Hacking a Theme

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    With a little work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madman View Post
    With a little work.
    Nice! I mananed to make it work with Pathfinder2 ruleset as well.


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    Thank you for making this amazing theme. I love the text bars and it looks great on screen. The only thing I would change is the window transparency. I think most people like it, but for me it gets a bit messy when a text window is on top of another text window. I started poking around in the theme file and I couldn't find where you set <windowclass><backcolor> which is how I assumed you were doing it. Where would I go to override the setting?

    Thanks again,


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    Quote Originally Posted by swbuza View Post
    This is the thread for Steve's Simplified Starfinder Themes.
    Great, thank you.

    How could I place the shortcutbar outside (to the left) of the chatbox, I've tried giving it an x negative value, since it is a subwindow, but seems that it must be inside the window it depends.

    Also I've tried with "left" anchored position, no way. Any clues?

    <subwindow name="shortcutbar">
    <anchored position="insideright" />

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    Wow... love this theme.


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