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    The death of the flame dragon!

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    The One Ring: A Final Pilgrimage Home.

    The players, against the guesses and expectations of the Loremaster, chose to go THROUGH Mirkwood... where adventures befell them, at the cost of fatigue, one Wound, much loss of Hope, a gain of Shadow for nearly all--but also with a gain of *treasure* and *secrets*. "All worth it," one dwarf remarked, carrying away an engraved sword from an old barrow...

    The curtain fell on the Companions not yet at their destination, only part ways through Mirkwood... why did we come here again? Ah well...
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    See that critical hit? The paladin is about to do 48 damage to the dragon in one strike. YEEEHAAAAAA!!! What a fun game!

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    Well, the intrepid demi-gods, faced with holding off 8 million feral vampires descending on Shanghai for just 12 hours, turn to the local Gods for help. In the maze of Temple Monkey, seeking special mushrooms to earn his favor and help come face to face with...themselves.
    To aid Rat in Wharf it was far more mundane, just robbing a museum and out fighting a dozen or so feral vampires, oh and an eye out for the security drones.

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