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    Custom Images Auto-Share (5E)

    Hello All,

    I am playing in the 5E Ruleset, and am GMing a game for some friends.

    I am running into an issue for a specific campaign where the images I place in the "images" folder are automatically becoming "Public" to all players when FG first loads up.

    I can unshare the images without issue, but whenever I re-launch FG, it re-shares the images, and so I am forced to unshare them, lest the players see images they should not.

    I have attempted disabling all extensions, but the problem persists. I've also tried removing all images, loading the campaign, closing and placing the images back and reloading. The same result occurs.

    I have tested with the Sample Campaign for 5E, and I cannot create the same behavior, despite adding in extensions and attempting to load/unload modules.

    I'm unsure what else I can try here. I've added a ton of custom stuff to this campaign, and I'd hate to have to move to another one to fix this behavior. I know I can work around it by unsharing or masking images, but I'd prefer a better solution.

    Any ideas on how to proceed, or next troubleshooting steps are appreciated. Let me know if there's any information I should have included.


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    I remember someone in the last couple of years having this same issue. Their was a solution for it... but I can't find the thread. You search-fu might be better than mine, or one of the resident AIs might be along shortly to give us the link or some suggestions.

    Sorry I can't remember the solution or find the link

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    run /flushdb on the GM instance or -
    backup the db.xml first!
    close fg and open the db.xml in a text editor and find/replace all instances of <public /> and delete them.
    backup the db.xml first!

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    Thanks damned, the /flushdb fixed it!

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