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    D&D 2E, 3.5E, 5E looking for something different. Wanting to learn...


    I have been a D&D junkie and DM for 20+ years. Unfortunatly, my group knows all the monsters and tricks, so I'm looking for a similar type of system that can break up the routine a bit. This looks good. Any groups out there looking for a player, short term or possibly long term, I'm listening. Or if anybody would be around to show me some of how it works.

    Also, how is the system in FG? I looked into 13th Age and heard there were a lot of bugs. Any info is great,


    - Beerbelly

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    I give it a look over every once in a while (screenshots and comments) but it never gets much further than that. You might want to touch base with JohnD.
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    I started running a C&C campaign at the top of the year. We have weekly 3 hour sessions and the party is just now starting to hit second level.

    In terms of feeling / playing like AD&D, it is pretty much spot on. I had largely forgotten how much time is invested in gaining each level - and decided to basically double the rewards, though that is still pretty slow.

    I have noted no problems or bugs with the ruleset - it is fully functional though not as automated as 5e (but then, no other ruleset is). I haven't missed 5e at all and have greatly enjoyed how easy it is to import/rebuild portions of old classic modules. C&C is like the universal translator for converting 1e, 2e, and 3e modules. One thing that I haven't worked on is that spells and spell damage seems disconnected from the combat system - it is something that I will try to get working in a more automated fashion or otherwise figured out, but at first level there isn't an abundance of wildfire magic cutting loose.

    Anyhow, I am very pleased with the C&C ruleset. It isn't wildly popular which is unfortunate because the level of support and quality of work is very high.


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    Hi Beerbelly. Welcome to FG.

    Drop me a PM and we can see if your availability and my games match up in some way (along with the general style of game you're looking for).
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