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    Minor Character Sheet Changes (CoreRPG)

    I am brand new here and have been messing around and learning a lot, but figured I would just ask because I can't figure this out...

    I am use the CoreRPG system to run a home-brew version of Pokemon Tabletop United. I have made a basic character template using what is already available in CoreRPG, but I wanted to make a few tweaks and add/change a section here and there. I went ahead and exported the basic character template and then went to edit the XML file in TextWrangler (using a Mac). When I uploaded the new sheet, I didn't see any of my changes. Maybe I'm doing the coding wrong (I'm pretty much a novice at it, but thought that changing a few titles here and there would work). Am I missing a step? Any links to resources on this would help. I'm fairly adequate at teaching myself, but couldn't seem to find the right places to learn how to make these edits.'

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's not the character sheet xml you need to change. You need to make an extension for the ruleset that changes the ruleset version of the character sheet.

    You might want to look at the MoreCore Ruleset, it's character sheet if a bit more flexible.

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    Thanks! I actually found that ruleset today and managed to install it. I even got as far as trying to edit some of the sheet with an extension, but TextWrangler told me that I could not make changes, and I tried a couple things to get rid of that error message but none of them worked.

    I do like how MoreCore has more fields that can be edited, but I was hoping for a bit more customization.

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    the exported character sheet is the data content of the character sheet - it has nothing to do with the layout or presentation of the character sheet
    if you post a graphic of a pokemon sheet, plus what you want to see on a FG character sheet plus what each section actually does (in detail) we can probably help you

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