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    DM for Hire! AL or Homebrew.

    **EDIT** Thx Trenloe

    Hey community!
    I have the FG Ultimate License and I am currently looking for interest in players who will pay a modest fee per session for a DM currently off work due to illness (I need to supplement my income somehow).

    Open to running Adventurer's League content as well as homebrew. Looking for 5 to 7 players for a regular game once or twice a month. My price for a 4 hour session (standard AL module time) will be $40CDN; whereas non conformed formats (ie: homebrew will be at a rate of $10CDN per hour). This cost can be divided by the players equally and will be facilitated through PayPal.
    Also hoping to establish maybe more than one group.

    I also have my own Ventrilo server for uninterrupted communication during our sessions.

    I am based on the East Coast of Canada so the Atlantic Time Zone (GMT+4?) but since I am currently off work I can work with different time zones if it is scheduled and respected.
    If anyone is interested please send me a message and we can go from there.

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