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    how to add a + 2 to magical weapon

    Hello All,

    I made up a few magical items for my campaign. Pretty easy on adding a +2 to damage but can't figure how to add a +2 to hit. I suppose the better way to think of it is +2 to Fighting Die. Is that something that can be done in the item description or is it simply a matter of adding a +2 modifier when rolling? Thanks in advance!

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    You can Right Click the attack, then go to Modifiers and add a +2 to that attack manually, now every attack using that weapon has a +2 bonus. You must do it after you add a weapon to a character on the Combat tab, not the inventory.

    You can also add an Effect to that weapon. On the Description you should write: [Fighting +1]. Now when you have this weapon equipped, your character will have a +1 to Fighting. Notice that it will add +1 to any Fighting roll when you have it, even if you are attacking with other weapons. So I'd only use effects if the magical property of the Item would make the user a better fighter. If you want to add a bonus only to attacks made with that weapon, try the first solution.

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    That's the way to do it. Thanks!

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