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    Got some problem with class archetype

    I just installed APG module, and i tried to create a PC with class archetypes.
    But i found i can't just drag and drop any of those archetypes to character sheet.
    And i also tried to import a character with archetype from PCgen, it also failed.
    So, what is the right way to do it? Or it just not support archetypes?

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    Ok, i think i almost figured out how to do it. I thought those archetypes should be dropped into classes, but actually they are abilities.
    So i find all of them in special abilities, and replace every class feature should be replaced manually.
    But if there is actually any way to do it automatically , please enlighten me.

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    I played around with creating a drag and drop module a few months ago.. Turned out you would have to create a class for each archetype if you wanted to have everything drag and drop compatible. I stopped after doing only part of arcanist as I didn't have the patience or the time to create every single class/archetype.
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    Correct, all Archetypes are contained in the Special Abilities list. There's a main one with the archetype you want which will list out the other abilities to add and which ones they replace on the actual class. There's no Lua code that will handle the replacement bit so apparently handling this way was the official solution that both SmiteWorks and Paizo agreed upon.

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