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    5e Content Chat Poster

    A D&D 5e Fantasy Grounds extension that allows you and your players to right click on spells, character feats, features and traits and post the descriptive text directly to the chat text.

    As a DM/GM I have often found myself having to spend time looking up content from players sheet, such as spells, feat, features and traits.
    So to let the players themselves speed things up, I wrote this extension which simulates what's possible on some other popular VTT's.

    Here you can see the extension in use:

    Extension Sample Image.jpg


    You can find the extension on my GitHub page:

    The newest version of the extension is found in the "- INSTALL VERSIONS (extension file)" folder, and it will show up as "5e Content Chat Poster" in your extension list.

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    I know you haven't (nor should you) tested with other extensions, but given what files you have had to modify, what types of mods would you expect to have conflicts with?

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    Any extensions that overwrite the following files will conflict with this one:

    • campaign/record_note.xml
    • campaign/record_ability.xm
    • campaign/record_power.xml
    • campaign/record_feat.xml

    It works with my other extension, the 5e Combat Enhancer though, as I tested it with that as part of how I run my games.
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    Hoy, Styrmir, nice work!

    On my system (5e, Fg3.3.7), I can share spells and notes, but seemingly naught else. Is this correct? I see you override the Feats XML, but I cannot share Feats like this, should I be able to? If not, is that something you would consider adding? Also Classes, Races, etc.?

    Anyway, Thank You for the work and sharing... though with so much high quality work out there, you're giving me an inferiority complex!
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    Hey iotech, I appreciated the kind words. And I'm sure you'll be able to create anything you set your mind to, given you're willing to put in the time and effort to do so.

    The extension is intended to cover the most usual things that I've found come up during play as a GM, for things that have to do with the characters.
    So you are able to share or have your players share from their sheets, their feats, features, traits and spells. It is also possible to share spells directly from the spell list.
    I have laid some groundwork for sharing feats and items from the lists as well, but I'm not sure if I'll end up implementing this. As I want to minimize the footprint of the extension to make it compatible with as many other extensions as possible. Not to mention minimizing maintenance work needed when updates are pushed out.
    Classes and races come up so seldomly, mainly only during creation or leveling up, so I doubt I'd add that for the reasons above. This extension is primarily intended to handle the most common things that need looking up during the running of a story line or a fight.
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