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    I like that!
    Me too. But not just pizza... let a GM fill out any number of places players can easily order stuff for them. Links to external wishlists, etc... Including the FG DLC store.

    I suspect that many GM's--most of whom shoulder the lion's share of the financial and time-equity for games--could be bribed quite cheaply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewin View Post
    An option I'm keen to have (that's not covered so far) is being able to easily split XP or coins among a party that includes NPCs, without having to create the NPC as a GM-controlled PC first. It's come up a few times in play that the party has gained a temporary NPC but it's a pain to include them in XP or coin sharing... I'm not fussed if this XP and coins aren't actually recorded anywhere on the NPC sheet, just would like it to be factored into reducing the amount that the PCs get (so a "no. of characters to split between" box for XP or coin allocation would do the job).

    Much looking forward to FGU anyway (as are my two 5e groups I use this for)
    In the tnterim you can try this exresnion:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anselmorrigan View Post
    Is this going to have a one-time pricing option? It may be a foolish question, but i need to know that FGU won't be limited to a subscription.
    A buddy of mine was in on a kickstarter that got rolled into Roll20 and he's got lifetime top level access for free. I however don't have that option and I don't like renting software so I purchased the Ultimate version of Fantasy Grounds for when I'm hosting.
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    Also welcome to all the first time posters in this thread, you know who you are.
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