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    Quote Originally Posted by MarianDz View Post
    * Will be possible manually by GM set for every player which language only his hero speaks and understand?
    Lock and prevent this way unwanted toss in/write known language by player in his sheet?
    You really have that problem with your players? You do know that when FG does a translation it states in chat which characters can understand it?

    But how would you prevent a player from cheating in other ways, like changing ability scores, attack or damage bonuses etc? I would think languages would be least of my worries if my players cheated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob2e View Post
    * Will developers have to learn new languages or use something other than parse for making titles, or will it all work the same as always?
    Related to this, will there be the option to use languages other than Lua for scripting (seems unlikely, but might be nice)?
    Also, can we expect a WYSIWYG editor for creating things like character sheets, combat trackers and related UI stuff?

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    So a few short questions.
    - Will there be some demo stuff showing on the stream?
    - Will all features in the trailer be ready at release
    - What is the projected delivery time of the kickstarter rewards?
    - Can you release recommended computer specs?
    - It would also be nice to know a price range (low to high) or even high side to start saving for the kickstarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgrey View Post
    Also, can we expect a WYSIWYG editor for creating things like character sheets, combat trackers and related UI stuff?
    +1 on this!

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    The show only lasts an hour you know
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Developer questions:

    • Will FGU use actual controls with "standard" expected results for interface parts like listboxes, radiobuttons, comboboxes, cascading menus, miller type columns, tabs, forms,etc?
    • Will the API have new options for exporting (such as export token locations on maps, on specific layers)?
    • What major improvements will come for developers related to the API?
    • What NEW functionality will we have access to (hooks we don't have now, new file formats, additional language support, html support)?
    • What is the timeline for audio support? (placed sound objects, ambient sounds, sound boards/tracks).
    • What is the timeline for lighting support? (objects with lightsources, varying colors/etc)

    I'll stop there cause I just keep thinking of more.
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    1) Will you be able to browse your added images in thumbnail view in FGU, such as Window Explorer offers (medium images, large images, extra large images)?
    As someone who regularly has hundreds of battlemaps that I've compiled into modules, and dozens of pieces of various art to show my players, this would be greatly useful for finding what I'm looking for.

    2) Will we be able to lock the Combat Tracker, like we can with the chat? I keep accidentally grabbing and moving it while moving windows and content around while GMing.

    3) Will players have the capability to create their own categories to sort content that is shared with them (in notes, stories, images). Or will the GM have the option to share the category (folder) names with the players to help them keep things organized?

    4) As a programmer, will us developers get access to some of the Unity engines API's or functionality to work into our extensions or plugins?
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    The only fault I have with current FG is the necessity to mess with your routers port forwarding to host a game meaning I can’t run my weekly game on other WiFi networks.

    Is this still going to be a thing with the new version? If not instant buy from me.

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    Will we be able to export all text (Notes, Story, Quests, Custom Items/Spells/NPC/Monster etc...) of our own created module to use for back up, printing or transfer to a different module? If so, will it be done in an organized fashion and not just all the text splooged into document with a +5 to hot mess?

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    What are some of the user interface improvements, if any, regarding things such as:

    window management: resize, snap, persistent configuration between sessions, etc.

    object interaction: radial menu, status icons, health bars, names, items on map, etc.

    map options: labeling and using the options at the top of the map screen

    font size/style: resize easily and on-the-fly? change for story text and reference text? different font styles for different windows a la character sheet vs. chat box?

    character sheet customization: custom iconography, re-sorting tabs, create-a-power/modify-a-power gui instead of syntax coding, etc.

    module organization and use: folder/heirarchy structure for rapid searching and selecting story entries, maps, and the like

    built-in theme customization: preferred colors, icons, ruleset style, environment, etc. - set choice of options or upload/modify through built-in GUI

    native sound integration for third-party apps?

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