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    Hi! Another one, sorry

    There is a way to see a lifebar near the tokens?

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    Is the development on Symbaroum dead? Is it worth buying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plaindog View Post
    Is the development on Symbaroum dead? Is it worth buying?
    Assuming you mean the FG module ... I believe that Free League said the Fantasy Ground implementation needed some work based on fan feedback and that they were going to poke the developer (Simpe). However, judging by there not being much activity on the forums, I think it is currently "dormant".

    I moved my Symbaroum game to Foundry VTT and even made some videos showing it in action - my YT channel has the same name (Raldanash). IMHO, that implementation is preferable and was even when I had to manually enter all the reference information etc. myself (before the official modules were available).

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    Hey guys,

    Yes we have started work on recoding some of the parts of the ruleset but we ran into problems with getting the automation working. Unfortunately there are a lot of things in symbaroum that makes any type of automation really hard when it comes to abilities, mystical powers, artifacts and all of that. We're currently working on another ruleset and we're trying something out there that we might be able to adapt into symbaroum, hopefully.

    I apologize that the Symbaroum module hasn't been getting the love that I think that it deserves. Also during the summer I've switched jobs as well as building a house so time to spend with these things has unfortunately been very low.

    Hopefully we can complete the other ruleset during September and then go back to trying to finish the improved Symbaroum ruleset.


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