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    Hi Valyar!

    Not sure why LIVE says 1.05... could be that I missed updating the number, or that something has gone wrong in the patching. Maybe they took from dev rather than debug or something, not sure.

    If you're going to run a game this week, I definitely recommend running the 1.07 build. The armor-fix is particularly important.


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    The Release Updates show that in production version 1.06 has been rolled out. When I load the ruleset it shows v1.05.
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    I don't know why you have 1.05 even though it updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyar View Post
    The Release Updates show that in production version 1.06 has been rolled out. When I load the ruleset it shows v1.05.
    I just launched mine last night and it indeed says 1.05 - Thanks for all your hard work on this...really excited to get this going and run a one if my personal life would just calm down!!!!
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    I'm guessing that either I didn't get the version number patched, or that something has gone wrong in the delivery of the build. Please change to the DEV branch so that you can use 1.07, it has some really important fixes and should be patched to the live branch on tuesday!

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    The 1.07 is out in the production channel and the desired changes so far are finally here Thank you for the support and especially for bringing the district names in the Yndaros map back.
    I can't test much this or next week as the planned game won't happen, but I am anxious to test the automation and the combat with the advantage mechanics.
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    Thank you for your work.

    Mark of the Beast mostly done. Without spoilers: Players seemed to have fun (but lacking many abilities to gain additional insights). Like the Pied Piper or ducks they seem to be collecting a trail of orphans however...

    Issues that occurred today:

    No enemy health display options (I could have sworn it worked in previous versions)

    If damage (BEFORE armor is subtracted) reaches the pain threshold, prone is added automatically.

    Dragging tokens on the map (grid drawn before, using add friendlies - green - icon) results in huge tokens

    Creating NPCs various bugs, among them: attributes seem to reset to 0 when closing the window, traits/abilities only draggable after an empty item has been created, toggleable options in equipment only work after disabling and the re-enabling editing, adding an adept or master level to an NPC gives an error message, armor sometimes still seems to be off by one in some instances between NPC sheet, combat tracker and manual calculation (and can't be fixed manually)

    Other notes: The map pins seem to be notes (as far as I'm aware story entries in other rulesets)
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    I have played around with creating new NPCs, and as stephan_ above I find it quite impossible to do so and this is huge showstopper for the games I plan. Please let me know if I am doing something incorrectly, as it might be the case sometimes So the issues:

    1. Trait or Ability cannot be dragged from the respective library if the lists are just opened for edit. I must create a blank trait or ability, before I can drag something from the library. I tried to drag to various places on the interface, without luck. So the workflow is - open list for edit, create blank line, drag trait/ability, delete the empty one.
    2. When I open the Equipment list for editing, there is a bug that prevents me to modify the object unless I close and re-open the list. Image with bug01 is attached to visualize what I mean
    3. Every ability when added to the list generates exception in the console that prevents it from doing anything (such as modifying the defense or increasing the damage of a weapon). The code block below.
    4. None of the Equipment fields are "user editable". This makes it very hard to make some really custom enemies (in addition to not being able to do anything due to the bug above) outside of the standard rules. I understand that the fields are automated based on numerous criteria, but I don't think it should be big issue to allow also to be over-writable by the GM in case of need. It will also increase the speed of creating custom NPC significantly, as I can simply put the values. For example we can have custom weapon and custom armor and leave to the GM to determine the values without increasing the complexity of the code.
    5. There is big issue with the "size" value of the player characters when using the map. I presume some value used somewhere in the character sheet (or if you re-use and rename the size to something else) is taken as creature size when dragged on gird-enabled map. This results in PC being size 3 with reach 3. Even when the tokens are resized, the "reach and effect" box remain the same of size 3. Screen-clippings attached. This is causing cosmetic issue (I think), as I presume the ruleset is not taking the distance categories and their ranges introduced in the Adv. Player's Handbook yet?
    6. As a player I don't see the initiative values... I don't remember if this was the case before. Screen-clipping of CT from player view added.

    Please check if those are bugs indeed or I do something incorrectly.

    Also something that is not a bug, but looks very strange and "beta version" is the reporting in the chat box when player character rolls "to hit" with weapon. The reports is "s'No NPC target. Unmodified roll'|nil|nil". While I get the debug, I think it can be more friendly or invisible to the player.

    Another thing that I find a bit hard to read is the reporting after a roll. The TN is not listed at all and the number after [Success] or [Failure] is confusing and reports the degree of failure and success, which I think is not used in the rules anywhere. Maybe it is better to report the final TN after all modifiers are taken into account such as the example below and remove the numbers after success or failure?
    [Attribute] Accurate vs. TN XX

    Script Error: [string "scripts/abilitylist_checkbox.lua"]:107: attempt to call field 'onUpdate' (a nil value)
    Script Error: [string "scripts/abilitylist_checkbox.lua"]:107: attempt to call field 'onUpdate' (a nil value)
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Oh dear lord... my entire post disappeared because I mistakingly pressed one of the pictures.

    First of all, thank you both for the bug reports and specifically the pictures and detailed description from you Valyar! Much appriciated. This will make it a lot easier to solve the issues.

    In regards to dragging tokens and NPC's on maps... I've tried to modify the scales and sizes used in the ruleset but it did not do anything. The only thing that seemed to actually change anything was if I added grids to the map. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get the none-grid versions of the maps, but we're working on it. Not sure that we actually can get them, or can get all of them. We'll see.

    stephan_: I'm not sure I understand if map pins being notes is good or bad? How should it be? The rest of your bugs will be added to the tracker!
    Valyar: Players shouldn't see the initiative values, I'll see if I can remove the information displayed there! Thanks!
    The no-npc message should definitely be implemented better. To explain: It's the damage that a player rolls if they don't drop the damage-die onto an npc, or if they don't have a target. If you drop it onto the npc or pick a target and then double-click it you should get correct behavior and automated hp-removal etc.

    Degrees of success and failure is important because you weigh it against the modifier by the enemy if you're not doing it directly against them. I agree that when you're dropping the die onto a target, the roll should be more easily understandable. I'll see if I can make it more easy to understand! Thanks for making a note about this, because I've been thinking about it before and I haven't been certain of how to format the information in a more appropriate way so that it is easier to understand.

    Thank you both for the bug reports! I'll add these to the trello-board as soon as I can and start working on them as soon as possible.

    Oh also! A last note in regards to NPC-editing - there has been some issues there and we've already solved some of them since we're now using the UI to create enemies (in the upcoming module). Expect big improvements on this part, and also hopefully the possibility to set the damage on an npc's weapon. The feature already exist but you have to do it through xml. It's just that the UI doesn't correctly support it, but I'll start fixing that!


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    Looking forward to being able to edit the weapon damage values!

    @Note pins: Not a big issue, but as far as I know story entries have more editing possibilities, linking, ... Notes seem to be primarily used by players. Probably not worth changing the older links but might be interesting going forward.

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