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    Officially Licensed Symbaroum Ruleset!

    Hey all!

    The Officially Licensed Symbaroum Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds has just been released!

    It's available both on steam (
    And on the Fantasy Grounds store (

    We'll probably be making our trello where we keep our lists of doing/done/bugs etc soonish for those who wants to see what we're currently working on and what issues we know about.


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    • Ability effect creation and handling is more flexible and less buggy.
    • Effect application in CT were giving the wrong source for some enemy effects, this should be fixed.
    • Novice/Adept/Master fields could sometimes be visible for traits that didn't have those levels.
    • Armor penetration has been implemented.
    • Monster editing/adding should now be better supported.
    • Marksman 3 now correctly adds armor penetration.
    • Man at arms 3 now correctly has the chance to prevent armor penetration
    • Man at arms 2 is now correctly applied.
    • Man at arms 1 is now applied to the "Armored" trait.
    • Traits have been cleaned up and there should now only exist one version of each trait (like robust had two).
    • Armor/weapon qualities no longer required to be lower-case
    • All pictures are downscaled to maximum 1000 px in any axis
    • The charsheet now shows shortened version of the attribute names
    • Traits are now displayed for monster entries in the CT
    • Attributes can now have temporary modifications, by holding control and rolling your mousewheel on top of them. This is in preparation for the alternate damage functionality.
    • Corruption/toughness modifications now require ctrl for scrolling the mouse-wheel.
    • Ability/trait level request is now streamlined across the entire module, fixing some blank returns when characters had some monster-specific traits.
    • Monster CT entries are now correctly updated when adding/removing effects to them.
    • Monster damage is calculated in the CT if no damage has been calculated for them. This is the first step towards having automatically calculated damage for all NPC's.
    • Races, archetypes & traits chapters has been added to the reference-manual.
    • A lot of useable items have been added to the ruleset. These are not yet correctly formatted and visualized for things such as cost etc. But this is the first step towards a more detailed and functional item-system.
    • Names have been verified to make sure that there are capital letters in the right places.
    • Buttons have been updated with new textures that include text.


    • Fix for shield fighter 1 not correctly upgrading the damage in the main hand (must be single handed or short).
    • Two handed force 3 had the wrong tag for penetrating armor.
    • Alternative damage (the trait) functionality implemented
    • Updated ritual button
    • Information has been added to the Map pins that were missing information
    • Character sheet and its equipment are now updated more frequently.
    • Fixed so that shield fighter and other defensive abilities now correctly checks ability skill level.
    • Novice/adept/master can only be clicked when modify is enabled
    • Crossbow is now a pickeable weapon.
    • Effects get their ability level put on them from the action-effect button. Effects also propagate those levels.
    • Sixth sense vigilant for accurate is now correctly on novice.
    • Sixth sense novice does not apply to throwing weapons.
    • Two-handed force now works correctly again.
    • Marksman Novice is now implemented.
    • Blessed shield bugfix for skill-level.
    • Bugfix for tooltip application for some of the weapon modifiers.
    • Changing ability levels now updates equipments.
    • Attribute scores on the character sheet is now colored depending on if they are positive or negative.
    • Contacts-trait now allow a custom string.
    • Added pregenerated characters to the promised land.
    • Character portrait now has a frame.
    • Weapon modifiers that modifies defense are now properly applied (like balanced etc).
    • Armors now have the default modifier of impeding applied.
    • Items (anything) can now be dropped to player equipment.
    • Fixed bug with Witchhunter and Thug archetypes not showing their text correctly.
    • Changed font type for the reference manual.
    • Fixed some textual errors in the reference manual.


    • Discreet was not working correctly for newly created characters, this has been fixed.
    • Weapon type for the crossbow is now correctly set to the crossbow type.
    • Only weapons show the magical weapon tag in equipment reference window.
    • All NPC abilities/traits should now correctly convert die rolls into actual numbers.
    • NPC Weapon damage can now be drag-and-dropped from the CT.
    • Twin attack novice's defense is now correctly applied. This fix included changing around a bit how weapons modifies defense, which is a good preparation for a lot of future features. NOTE: You *need* to have the weapons correctly marked as main hand / offhand.


    • Twin attack no longer applies some attack filters on weapons since they were added twice then.* Removing a character, or deleting an effect with the right-click-menu from the CT now correctly updates the charactersheet of that character.


    • Rageor now correctly wields his dagger in the offhand.
    • Default-characters are now back, they were removed in a bad text-merge.
    • Man at arms Adept should now correctly block any negative defense modifying values from equipment.


    • Bugfixes:
    • There was two "Lacquered Silk Cuirass" in items
    • Armor modifiers were not parsed correctly. Flexible did not seem to work correctly.
    • Man-at-arms adept was not really applied correctly. It now blocks the negative effect armors have on defense.
    • Some fields in equipment was wrongly editable.
    • Berserk did not accurately set your defense attribute modifier to 5 when using berserker att novice/adept.
    • Poisonous duration is no longer 1
    • Features:
    • Some page ref links were missing and are now added correctly.
    • The feature that moves the cursor from one field to another on the character sheet now moves in a more expected way.
    • Abilities are now correctly editable when dropped into an ability list that was set to editable.
    • The tables and vehicles buttons were updated.
    • Actions in abilities are now editable if you go to the ability-link in the character sheet.

    NOTE: Because of the changes that have been done with the editable actions (which still has some minor features to go), it would be wise for you to remove+add all the abilities/traits/mystical powers/rituals for your characters. This is because the ability is now completely copied instead of referenced from the instance in your character sheet. There are probably some undetected bugs with the new action-editing, and it doesn't fully cover all the features but more of them will be added to the system as we go.

    • NPC's have the optional field "manners" as included in later books.
    • NPC's attributes in the npc sheet show the modifier rather than the actual stat, as done in later books. The actual stat is showed as mouse over.
    • NPC's attributes in the CT also show the modifiers rather than the actual stats.
    • Initiative in the CT is listed next to the name entry. The initiative can be modified (which causes re-sorting of the CT) and is recalculated every time you add something to the CT.
    • The names in the CT are better aligned, including the label.
    • The default currency strings in the character inventory have been added.

    Changelist 1.07:

    • Corruption is now rolled correctly for mystic powers (and modified by wizardry/witchcraft/teurgy)
    • Maps should no longer have all links shared by default
    • Survival Instincts adept has been implemented
    • Blight Born in Promised Land has correct armor calculated now. Armor calculations in general was diverging between rolls, npc sheet and combat tracker, this has been fixed.
    • Table 22 in core rulebook has been added
    • Characters are now automatically knocked prone if they take more damage than their pain threshold
    • Characters that are knocked prone automatically receive advantage.
    • Weapon / armor modifiers have been documented on the wiki.
    • A permanent corruption roll automatically happens when you pass your corruption threshold. (toggleable by options)
    • The items list is now categorized and can be sorted.

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    great to see this out, do you plan to do any more releases like the advanced players book and maybe a campaign?
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    Hi Hawkwind!

    Yes we will be working towards making more releases. The highest priority is to fix any issues left with the ruleset, but we are two developers where one (me) are mainly focused on the code-things, and one guy who is doing most of the text/picture stuff. Since pretty much all of the text-stuff with the core rulebook is done, he'll get on with campaign/adventure books pretty soon while I still have some things to clean up with the ruleset. Once I'm done with all stuff that's needed there I will go on to more rule-focused books (like advanced players book etc). Hope that answers your question!

    Oh and thanks!!


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    Congratulations on the release of the Symbaroum ruleset! I accidently (again) found this game while lurking on the Fria Liga forums after I fell in love with their Forbidden Lands. Symbaroum definitely is something I am looking into to run in the following months and this product comes right on time!

    One of the annoying thing with FG products is that documentation on features and functionalities is lacking in great deal on all commercial rulesets and the only educated guess of the functionality comes from my knowledge on the CoreRpg and what you might inherit from there.

    Is there document that I can check on the features offered by the Ruleset - automation and how to do things for example?
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    Hi Valyar!

    Great to hear about your experiences with fria ligan!

    There is no documentation currently but it is a really good idea and something I have been thinking about. Maybe a YouTube series is good but I think that we should probably add documentation to the ruleset with that. I'll add it to our trello and make sure we get it in soon!


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    I strongly recommend to create proper documentation on the features that are unique to the ruleset and not to repeat what is available in the CoreRPG (unless the Wiki is missing that too). There is nothing more annoying than trial and error way of learning new things. YouTube might sound very good as an option, but IMO watching videos just to reach the potentially important section for you is waste of time. I never like video tutorials, they take too much time and as technical person I find my way into documents hundreds time faster. They have search function, print and etc.

    In regards to Fria Liga - I have Coriolis core book (planning to get the screen and the campaign), Forbidden Lands (everything) and I plan to get the Davokar bundle. Maybe due to age or something else, but I recently favor those kind of games much more over the extremely commercial products such as SW, D&D and others.
    So yeah - you made my day with this ruleset.
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    I hear you! I'm a programmer and 100% agree. Most likely we'll add it into the reference manual part, or do you have any other way you would prefer?

    I'm really happy to hear that you're glad about it. It still has a few features and more easy expanded functionality I want to add, and since we play Symbaroum all the time we want to continue to improve the ruleset and expand into as much material as possible! If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to write here, on discord (in simpeman in the server for fg) or mail me at [email protected]!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simpe View Post
    I hear you! I'm a programmer and 100% agree. Most likely we'll add it into the reference manual part, or do you have any other way you would prefer?
    Reference manual within FG is good. But I'd also recommend adding a Symbaroum section to the Ruleset Guide area of the Wiki User Guide:

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    I agree with Trenloe. If you put ruleset guide into the Reference Manual this will significantly improve the end-user experience as everything will be available from within FG. Since the documentation is just well formatted and structured text, you can always copy it to the Wiki for reference outside FG. The only annoying part is to maintain it. But once you have the habit, the rest is easy.
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