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    Rolemaster FRP questions/requests

    I have not played at FG, had brought me RM Classic quite frankly because of FRP if there is anything else from ICE could come.
    Am now grechig the extension of FRP greedy.
    Keep me busy with it.
    Have no prob, only I thought that is a bit easier than pen and paper.
    Have some prob, I list times:
    With the characters, it would be easier if you could put in the given ranks that you get in the race by clicking it, or not by house rules even then enter what is currently.
    If I have overlooked something, please explain it to me, if you do not have to enter it manually.
    The hobby ranks are okay.
    Have prob with everyone and professional skills, since they are not specified and not calculated.
    Since you have to work much, I hope I have nothing overlooked, if something gives please hielfe.
    So what as house rules might be synonymous not bad.

    I know a program which gives more or less something,
    but not like FG.

    If you want to be watched like that, I'll give you a link:

    I apologize for something like that, but have not found anything because I also work with a translator program.
    My english is genuine ....


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    New spells could be added to spell lists.
    Because the rulebook also suggests.
    In the free stages in the spell lists.

    The Human Youth Ranks for rural population, city ...

    The hybrid breed does not exist.

    What a lot of work is:
    Has been asked with training packages.

    The priest
    Maybe a box on divine influence where the number could be. When the character gets a critical attack.
    As well as the bonuses for the priest on divine influence.
    On spells and attributes ...

    I read something in the forum I am sorry if it has already been discussed


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    The calculation of spells is +1 per rank
    But that's not it, if I did not do anything wrong

    Limited "Skill Bonus" according to Rule Book
    Can not correct it, should remain manual?

    For weapons:
    You could also save work if the "Stats" are in the weapon tables

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    It's fun to create character.
    It could be a better boost if the character class bonuses themselves are listed

    I also have a body development calculation process that I do not understand.
    According to the rules, there is a calculation that is ignored.
    Reprogramming may be too difficult.
    If there are difficulties, I would like an answer.
    Then I do not want to ask an issue anymore because it is probably too difficult.

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    @Blackmage - I've moved your RM FRP questions/requests to a new thread as these are not relevant to the Rolemaster Classic (RMC) ruleset.
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    Register at www.fg-con.com for all the latest info.

    Private Messages: My inbox is forever filling up with PMs. Please don't send me PMs unless they are actually private/personal messages. General FG questions should be asked in the forums - don't be afraid, the FG community don't bite and you're giving everyone the chance to respond and learn!

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    Hi Ardem
    I once watched the programming.
    This is only slightly rewritten by the RMC.

    I see an improvement there.
    If you can program yourself.

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    Sorry, just got back from China.

    I am rereading this and maybe I am a bit stupid but what changes are you asking for exactly? If you could break it down. I am happy to do them. perhaps put them in as points such as.

    Point 1.
    Need this...

    Point 2.
    Need that.

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    Hello Ardem !!!!

    Use is luxury, :-)

    1. Thank you for reading.

    2. I'll list what I mean, ... it could get longer.


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