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    LFG 5e Forgotten Realms Storm Kings Thunder GMT+8 Wednesdays - new group

    FG License: Rusty has Ultimate License, so players only need free account.

    Game System: 5e

    Time Zone: GMT +8.

    Day of week and time:
    Wednesdays, Start time 8:00 PM. Finish12:00 Midnight. DM based in Perth Western Australia. Time slot suits Perth WA and SE Asia - evenings, Europe/Africa - Afternoons, USA and Americas – very early morning, Australian east coast - late night.

    Session Duration and Frequency: i.e. Minimum 1 hour session (longer if we can) – Weekly. The initial campaign will consist of five sessions lasting 1- 2 hours. Once we get to know each other we might extend the game time out further.

    Term: Ongoing campaign.

    Coms: Discord for Voice/USB Cam (optional) with Text between game sessions. We have a Whats App group set up for communications in between game sessions (optional).

    Roleplay & Combat mix: Varied (30% roleplay – 70% combat)

    Number of Players in game & needed: I am recruiting a totally new group. The aim for four players each session, but I would like a pool of about six to eight players. Rarely can every player show up every week due to real life and that is understood.

    Character starting level & equipment: Character generation will follow the format of the Adventures League Players Guide. All players start characters at level 1 with standard characters based on Core Rules, Xanthers Guide to Everything and/or the Sword Coast Adventures Guide. You character may choose to associate with one of the five Forgotten Realms Factions of the North

    Character restrictions: Characters must be rolled up and completely set up in advance of game time. There will be a session 0 for character generation.

    • Standard set (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8)
    • Customizing ability scores variant (Player’sHandbook chapter 1)

    Details of your scenario:
    This campaign takes place in the Forgotten Realms Sword Coast alongside the Storm Kings Thunder Storyline.
    You were instructed by your faction (or learn of the opportunity by word of mouth for those not belonging to a faction) to meet Veradda Stoor, a famed treasure hunter, in a clearing outside the small village of Parnast, at the foot of the Greypeak Mountains. Veradda seeks adventurers to accompany her on expeditions. She has learned the location of five caches of treasure, hidden by members of the Cult of the Dragon after their attempt to bring Tiamat into the world failed and has put out a call for assistance in tracking them down in the Greypeak Mountains
    The adventure begins with the party on the Black Road to the hamlet of Parnast. You were told to meet Veradda in a clearing along the Black Road, east of the village of Parnast. Your trip along the Black Road showed signs of goblin presence but has otherwise been uneventful. Other travellers you met claimed to have seen evidence of giant activity: rune covered boulders, huge footprints, and missing livestock. You saw none of that evidence, however. Maybe it was just the overactive imagination of scared farmers and merchants?

    Player buy in: This campaign will only work if you build and play a character that is willing to work with the other characters in the party.
    Please do not join this group if you mostly enjoy sabotaging the characters of other players or undermining the DM. If you have already played the Storm Kings Thunder (STK) campaign, Adventures League SKT or tales of the Yawning Portal and want to enjoy the experience of playing it in Fantasy Grounds, please be disciplined. The rest of the group will be very annoyed with metagaming and spoilers. Rusty will remove players from the game who spoil it for others.
    The DM (Rusty) attempts to keep rule debates to a minimum during game time but is very willing to have out of game discussions on rule interpretations.
    Lethality: There is always some risk of death but with the use of inspiration points most deadly encounters can be resolved without loss of characters. We all would like to build a party of characters that reaches level 20.
    Social: We have fun, but we also like to keep the game flowing.
    Character Backstories: Go for it and the DM will do his best to use your backstory to link you to the campaign.

    If interested:
    Private message Rusty or respond to this thread. Thanks for your interest

    Send Rusty your discord name. You will be invited to join in the next game after you have:
    • Set up discord
    • Completed your character set up, and
    • Download all the FG files from Rusty’s server.
    You may also wish to participate in the Whats App group of out of game discussions and communications, but this is optional.

    About the Rusty:
    I have played DnD since the mid-80s cutting my teeth on the Red Box basic BECMI set. Taking on the role of Dungeon Master allowed me to play more often as none of my other mates were willing to run games.
    I have two campaigns currently running; one in fifth edition (this one) and one in Pathfinder. My Pathfinder campaign uses the Kingmaker adventure path and consist of a mixed group of characters ranging from 1st to 11th level. It kind of runs as a series of one shots where the level of gameplay is determined by who shows up on the night and what level characters they have to run. My fifth edition campaigns are from Tales of the Yawning Portal and Storm King’s Thunder.
    Most of my players are mature people with real lives that get in the way of DND, so all my groups are flexible with no requirement to turn up week to week. I maintain a pool of people in each group and aim to ensure that at least three players attend each session but have catered for up to 8 players in one game session. I’m an easy-going DM who enjoys getting the players involved in the campaign setting. High level characters never fully retire. They get involved in the community leadership and become key NPC’s within my storylines to be pull back into the action in critical situations.
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    two/eight spots taken

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    Hi, there! Very interested! This seems to be just what I'm looking for. I do hope there is a space left.

    A little about me:

    I'm an actor by trade, mostly working in theatre, more recently looking to move into voice acting/audio book narrating. I'm not at all shy and am very comfortable role playing and performing as a character. I'm a huge D&D fan and am very familiar with the 5E rules. I recently dropped a bunch of money onto some shiny new audio equipment (new microphone, headphones, etc). Looking to play a Dwarven Forge Domain Cleric. I've included some links for your potential interest, as I enjoy fitting my characters into the official lore.

    A little about my new character:

    Remus Rubytooth

    Remus Rubytooth was such a prodigious metalworker, that at the young age of 66, he left his Clan's ancestral stronghold, Ruby Cove (situated under Abbathor's Dagger; a trecherous, ice-capped mountain on the western shore of the Spine of the World) to smith for the Iron Guard in the fabled Citadel Adbar- one of the biggest, oldest and most important Dwarven Fortresses in Faerϋn- a great honour for Clan Rubytooth. It was in Citadel Adbar's holy temple- The Hall of Moradin's Forge- that Remus would find his faith:

    "Why did I become a cleric? Well, the real question I suppose, is "Why did I become an acolyte of Moradin in the first place?". Like any young dwarf, I knew the basic scriptures and tenents of our faith... all Dwarf children are told of how the All-Father had forged the first dwarves from metals and gems and of how he had breathed souls into them when he blew on his creations to cool them... but it was not until I first set foot in the Hall of Moradin's Forge in Citadel Adbar some years later that I truly found my faith. Such majesty... such mighty, beautiful, stone-work... how brightly the braziers burned, how wistfully the priests chanted... it all overwhelmed me with such pride and passion that all of a sudden, I fell to my knees and wept, because I understood: It was creation. Creation was the highest virtue and the noblest truth. The tremendous idol of the Soul-Forger seemed to smile down lovingly at me, as if in approval. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to upholding Moradin's will, guiding my fellow Dwarves and wiping out the Kingdoms of Orcs and the followers of Grummsh.

    It was there young Remus would also meet his friend and mentor Vangrim Copperjaw, an old fighting cleric and Hammer of Moradin. Vangrim explained to Remus that his magical manipulations of metal and forgefire were a gift born of Moradin's divine favour. It was under Vangrim's tutelage that Remus would become a Cleric and eventually, a Hammer of Moradin. Remus served the Hammers of Moradin for nigh on a century and a half, defending Citadel Adbar from dozens of brutal orc horde attacks and Duergar sieges, Drow assaults and even a dragon attack.

    Potential tie-in to the campaign/human Player Character:

    Years later, when a Royal quest into the Underdark went horribly awry, Remus was captured by the evil Duergar. It was under their torment that he would meet and befriend fellow prisoner Berenor [Surname to be determined by human PC]; a human rogue with a grand plan of escape. The pair eventually escaped, but Berenor was mortally wounded in the attempt. His dying wish was for Remus to seek out and look after his newborn babe [Potential Player Character]. Remus swore a solemn oath that it would be so. After escaping the Underdark, Remus eventually located Berenor's rural village. The village elder was all too happy for someone to adopt the orphaned two-year-old, and so Remus took up work as a humble Blacksmith for the next 18 years (or however old the potential player character is). He became a father-figure to his old friend's child, and was well-loved in the village for his fine work and wise counsel. Eventually, [Human Player Character] decides to follow in their father's footsteps and becomes an adventurer. Remus, honouring his promise to an old friend, gives his blessing on the condition that he can accompany him/her, lending his protection and guidance. Which takes us to session 1 of the campaign...
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    Thank you - sounds great. I have responded in private chat.

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