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    Funded in 40 minutes. Right, that's me satisfied, I think this will smash the stretch goals on its current rate. Well Done Smite Works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffepp View Post
    They say they will ask for your licence key.
    It did not on the kickstarter, but it dose say that we have to provide one. I guess the details on that will be provided later on.

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    Did we break kickstarter? I haven't even received an email saying I gave money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saz View Post
    Funded in 40 minutes. Right, that's me satisfied, I think this will smash the stretch goals on its current rate. Well Done Smite Works!
    My clock showed 39 minutes

    As for those asking about the license key. After the KS closes, emails will go out to your KS email account with a questionairre (link). Fill that out with your license key and anything else they ask. Then they will in turn have your info to verify your pledge level and then send out beta keys when appropriate (not immediately).

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    Payment doesn't get charged until after the campaign closes. May 30th for this one. So you've only pledged to make a payment.

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    You usually get an email right away saying you've backed the project. I haven't gotten one either. I'm guessing this is moving a little fast for the back end to catch up with.

    Correction: Just got it.
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    Any reason I am not seeing any promo on the steam page for FG?
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    Probably a Steam issue. It's playing for me.

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