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    Doug you might want to update the stretch goals I think you are going over $50k quite soon.
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    When do we get the Nintendo Switch version? I joke.

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    Quite exciting, this is the first Kickstarter I've been involved in from t minus 0.

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    #138 here
    Paul Grosse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Varsuuk View Post
    Bah, if I was not at work I’d have been a lower number than backer #24
    Hey you /just/ beat me! #25 is still pretty good.

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    Just checked, I was lucky number 7.

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    I pledged =^^= how do i provide the license cd key?

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    I think it will be asked for once the KS is concluded.

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    Backed! Can't wait to finally try it
    Congrats for the great start!

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    Ok i'm a kickstrarter newbie ... how do i check what number i was ?

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