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    Plus, in addition to the mask having to be created in a separate app, saved off, imported, and cleaned up; we also have to consider whether it makes sense to add even more options to UI as well as testing and maintaining an additional capability only used by a small subset of users. It’s not that it isn’t an interesting approach; but we want to weigh everything not just “features”.


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    Lots to consider

    Yes the mask image approach would generally only be for those who make their own maps, or have access to the native files used to make the image. The advantage is that often when making maps, Something akin to the mask is already part of the map making process. With CC3+, this is a sheet (think layer) that is used to give dungeon maps a depth feel (or a Walls sheet all wall entities are on). Depending upon the cartographers method, it might be something they create in Photoshop etc as well.

    So, from that perspective, it doesn't matter how simple or complex the map is, an element or set of entities that are already existing can be used to make the mask. Something that I did in my sample image while riding in a car today in about 10 minutes. And that's never having done the process before. With macros and a previous experience, it's something that might take me 1-3 minutes at most once the "process" is known (might even go so far as to say it might get as simple as activating a macro, making two mouse clicks, and then entering an image file name).

    Now, who does this help? Well, folks like me who create 3rd party content for FG who make our own maps. And it might help folks like AAW, Frog God, etc if their cartographers do similar. But it might help even in the conversion of official content as well. Some of the WotC artists also use wall masks and compatible applications. If SW can give them six simple steps to create the mask in their native application (that's how many steps it took me without macros in CC3+), it might be something the cartographer would be willing to do.

    But, SmiteWorks has to make sure it makes sense. They had tried it before but I'm not sure how they got the mask image and they said it required substantial cleanup. I'm hoping the process I used, and the quality of the mask image it generated, overcomes those quality issues. Hopefully, we shall see.

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    I would like to preface this with I have no experience with programming and have no clue how difficult it would be to make something like the following;

    I was playing ESO this weekend after a long session of FG Saturday group and I was wondering how difficult it would be to create a platform like ESO with that 1st person or over the shoulder game experience? I would love to have that type of experience and view while running through a dungeon and activating powers on my character sheet.

    I am in no way complaining about what we have.

    I am very thankful for FG maps, tokens, powers, books - everything.

    I have no idea what it would take to make an ESO like experience in FG, but the thoughts did cross my mind while playing ESO.

    I am really surprised some of the big game name brands have not created that experience for players in the RP community, maybe there is not enough of a player base for it to economical?

    I know I would invest in a project like that in a heartbeat.
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